Healthcare Navigators Guiding You Through the Medical maze


Your Best Interests are Our ONLY Interest

We exist to support you, distinguishing us from a patient representative working on behalf of an insurance company or an advocate employed by the hospital.

Acting as the on-site surrogate family member, we do what you would do if you were here: accompany the patient to medical appointments, ask questions, document and report back to other family members.

We help sort out “What needs to be done next?”

We can schedule appointments, find qualified physicians and specialists, research treatment options and outcomes, arrange services, as needed: home care, private duty nursing, rehabilitation, nutritional support, short and long term in-patient care and housekeeping. 

As your Patient Navigator, we:
	 Identify doctors and specialists
	 Schedule/accompany patient to medical visits; prepare questions
	 Document answers to get the most out of the doctor’s time with you
	 Explain your diagnosis in easy-to-understand language 
	 Identify and implement next steps
	 Research treatments options
	 Coordinate multi-step complex treatment plans
	 Aid in follow through of doctor’s orders, medications, tests
	 Keep family members informed; mediate conference calls 
	 Break through insurance and medical provider roadblocks
	 Suggest /implement actions to help prevent medical errors
	 Foster a medical team approach 
	 Prepare a “master” medical record 
	 Assist in crisis situations
	 Create an action plan with options
	 Match assisted living, skilled nursing, and rehabilitation facilities
         to your needs and wants
	 Arrange home care, private duty nursing, and monitor results
	 Residential relocation, from down-sizing to moving